Accepting and Allowing – the double ‘A’s of running a business

Sometimes when running a business and hitting repeated stumbling blocks, it is important to stop and think about whether we are doing and believing something on a sub-conscious level that perpetuates these obstacles. This is where we can usually find the source of the problem.

Is there something you are not accepting? Is there something you are not allowing? Take a look at the points below. They not only impact on how we run our businesses but also on how we run our lives…


Accepting help when you are spending too much time in an area you are not so good at (like accounting, in my case). This will free you up for something you enjoy and are talented at, like sales and marketing or product design, thus exploiting your strengths and ultimately creating more revenue for your business.

Accepting that sometimes money/income comes to us through unexpected sources. When we set goals and act on them, we open channels to more prosperity. Allow things to come to you in ways you never imagined. Affirm: “I am a money magnet!”

Accepting that a ‘No’ from a customer can just be a ‘No, not today’ and letting go, so that another door can open.

Accepting that your employees are all different people and allowing them space to express their own creativity by creating a positive, uncluttered working environment and a caring atmosphere, without unconstructive criticism.

Accepting help so that you are not tempted to micro-manage. Micro-managing is limiting behavior. Through this you will limit the flow of good to your business. Delegate, delegate!

Allowing yourself some down-time and some quiet-time, to have that million-dollar idea in the first place. We live in a world of constant noise – smartphones, computers, televisions, mp3-players. Can we re-connect with silence and listen to the voice within? That’s one of the greatest resources we have.

Allowing yourself to fail sometimes. That’s how we grow. Get out of the victim role and ask yourself: “What did I do to bring about this situation and how can I avoid it in future?” Then accept that it happened and let it go.

Allow yourself to be successful and prosperous. People will still like you! Sometimes we are trapped by limiting beliefs we grew up with. Most people can finish the sentence “Money is the root of…..” without any problem. That is negative programming. See my last blog article on ‘Money Mindfulness’ for more on prosperity consciousness.

All the very best to you and your business!  Louise


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