Achtung! Are you becoming an “intro-preneur”???

When I was in Vienna last week I read an article in a local magazine and had one of those “A-ha!” moments I would like to share with you…

Anyone who has started their own business knows how it feels: the all-consuming passion and drive that fuel you in the initial phase, the adrenaline rush when your first client says “Yes!”, the sense of pride at having (finally) started doing your own thing, the pangs of fear and trepidation that sometimes strike when things don’t go to plan…

If we harness this initial passion and energy it will sustain us through the less glamorous or more arduous side of entrepreneurship such as; the relentless paperwork and bookkeeping, the cold calls that need to be made, sometimes frustrating visits to local authorities to get necessary permits sorted out, staff grumbles etc.etc.

Yes, passion and energy are great –and essential for running a business. However, if you reach a point where you are so driven to work that you do your thing 24/7, you might find yourself becoming alienated from friends (or even worse  – your partner!) , dropping your hobbies, quitting sport and basically becoming an all-round introvert (and a rather unhealthy one at that).

“Oh, that’s obvious”, I hear you say. “Work-life balance again, groan, tell us something we don’t know…”

Actually it’s not that obvious folks, that’s the point. I had to do the test in said magazine to prove to myself that things had gone too far; that I really HAD become a… (gasp!)  INTROVERT – after 5 years running my own business. I train people and I speak to them all day. On the surface I look like a pretty outgoing sort of girl…INTROVERTED is not a word I have ever used to describe myself. I thought I was an expert juggler of all what makes up my life. Then, through the answers to the test, I realized that I had become a 24/7 entrepreneur. An introvert, with no real time for friends, sport or other interests on a regular basis and this had built up over the last 5 years. This one had crept in very very slowly…

And so this blog article carries an appeal to all my hard-working fellow entrepreneurs out there. Life is not just about work. Successful entrepreneurship does not mean a 24/7 commitment. Hard work can have a beginning and an end. And I’m not talking about coming home and flopping in front of the television until you go to bed. I’m asking you to look at how much time you spend reading for pleasure, talking to friends, interacting with people outside of your business, doing something you really enjoy. Do yourself a little pie chart of the percentages. You might be shocked by the result. And start scheduling something back into your diary. You can start with one thing for now, and build it up gradually. Awareness is the first step to solving a problem.

Well that’s all from me. I’m off to phone a friend I haven’t spoken to for half a year…


10 thoughts on “Achtung! Are you becoming an “intro-preneur”???

    • Yes, that 24/7 thing is all too familiar. Pre-Christmas work (teaching and paying visits to clients to thank them, not to mention various celebrations) have taken their toll on my blogging activities, but looking forward to some quality blogging time soon. Have a great week and enjoy the build-up to Christmas!

  1. Third award is here. Drum role please —– I am presenting you with the Blog Of The Year 2012 Award. You have an amazing blog to help and inspire people.

    You are going to be incredibly busy with putting the REALITY, Very Inspiring Blogger and Blog Of The Year 2012 awards on your blog but they are so well deserved. Thanks for your support this year, it has meant a lot.

    • Dear Sandra, I am so thrilled and deeply honoured to have received these awards from you. I am looking forward to getting to grips with the info involved, the postings etc and the chance you are giving me to promote my blog and read and promote other bloggers. As one of my American friends likes to say : You rock, girl!!
      Thankyou again Sandra, this blogging friendship means a lot to me.

      • Thanks Louise. I love to promote your blog and I know that since I have been given awards, my followers have shot up and so it should help you to gain more too. I have to say more people follow my blog rather than my blog but I am planning to write books to help people to get back into work so the two go hand in hand.

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