Going the extra mile – even on foot!!!

I recently experienced a fine example of effective customer service whilst shopping for a present (a cosmetic product).

I couldn’t find the item I wanted on the shelf and the sales assistant offered to phone another branch (about 10 minutes away) to see if they had the product in stock. As I would be heading in that direction later I told her to go ahead and phone her colleagues. She returned, saying it was available and that if I would like to wait and enjoy a soft drink at the counter, she would get it for me. This lady (high heels and all) then disappeared off into the city to fetch my product and I was served some nice, cold juice!

After what seemed like only five minutes she returned (slightly out of breath!) and told me proudly that she had a deal with her counterpart in the other branch; they would always set off walking and meet halfway to exchange products needed by a particular customer, then head back to their respective shops, completing a kind of ‘Olympic relay’ handover.

This really sealed the deal for me. Though a competing chain of shops is actually cheaper I will now always return to this particular store in future. This store really does “go the extra mile” (or yards!) for its customers.

Good customer service is really quite simple, isn’t it? If we are grateful for every customer and go that extra mile by finding a way to serve them that makes them feel special, they will return to us again and again. Sometimes, they don’t come back instantly – in my industry for example it can sometimes take a year or too – but in that time a happy and satisfied customer will tell others. Valuable referrals will come.

What’s your tip for providing good customer service? Or have you experienced particularly good service recently? I would love to read your comments.

Til the next time, Louise


3 thoughts on “Going the extra mile – even on foot!!!

    • Hi Sandra, Always great to hear from you. Hope your time in London was fruitful and inspiring! Am just back from Vienna so will take a look at the Liebster Award stuff later – Thank you so much for nominating me. “Givers will always gain” someone wrote to me recently and this definitely applies to you, too. Thanks again, Louise

      • Thanks so much for those kind words, they are much appreciated. I hope you had a great time in Vienna? I recently went to London for a course and visited the Harry Potter studios, they were out of this world.

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