Our Own Olympics

Whilst following the Olympic Games on TV over the last ten days or so, I’ve been impressed, moved and inspired by the achievements of so many of the athletes I have seen.

These sportsmen and sportswomen combine self-discipline and self-belief with sheer willpower and determination in the pursuit of their goals. When they achieve their goals – winning a medal or scoring a personal best – we can witness the joy, relief and pride that they feel.

As business owners we can learn a lot from these athletes. When running a business we are all involved in ‘our own Olympics’. There are happy moments, but there all also tough ones. For example, sportspeople train in the depth of winter and get up at the crack of dawn to accomplish gruelling routines. The self-employed also have to keep going sometimes when our minds feel like it’s the depth of winter. We all have tasks we don’t like doing and our workload can be gruelling at times. Yet, when we finally win that order we have worked long and hard for, when we are praised by a client, when someone says “Thank you for all you’ve done”, this is our applause. These are our ‘gold medal moments’.

The message we should therefore take away from these Games is that self-discipline and dedication pay off in the achievement of our goals and can lead to great rewards. When the going gets tough and there’s a temptation to procrastinate, or even give up on an idea or course of action, we should get help from mentors and friends and get back on track. Dust yourself down and start again.

The Olympic motto is: Faster, higher, stronger. So always pivot back to positivity as fast as you can. Aim higher. And let the whole process make you stronger.

Have a great week!



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