Could journaling be for you?

I started journaling at the same time I started up my business back in 2007, although the journal I kept at the time was more “ a book of wisdoms” inspired by writer and trainer  Steven Covey;  a handsome, hard-backed notebook in which I recorded one inspiring or intelligent, useful quotation by business gurus or spiritual thinkers per page. I would dip into this whenever I needed something positive to reflect on or pass on to others.

Then, earlier this year I attended a writer’s workshop given by the self-help publishers Hay House in London. The speakers outlined the importance of keeping a daily journal, where you write whatever comes into your head, warts and all (!) on a regular basis. This was stressed as being a valuable creative aid to writing as it keeps your ideas flowing and you can just be yourself. The more you write, the more your own unique voice can develop.

I have since combined the two. I find that keeping a journal helps me review business schemes and ideas, review interactions with clients and staff, think about the bigger picture, even reflect on my work-life balance. It doesn’t have to be written every day, let’s not start dictating to ourselves here – just when you feel like it.

The great Robin Sharma recommends we keep a book of gratitude in which we record everything we are grateful for every day. This is a wonderful way to stay positive and content, even when the going gets tough. Why not use your journal for this purpose? Motivational coach and best-selling author Cheryl Richardson recommends journaling as a start to the new day, finding time before leaving home to write a few positive thoughts and hopes for what lies ahead. I have tried this and it really does set a powerful tone for the rest of the day.

So pick up a notebook today – treat yourself to one that appeals to you and one that you will enjoy writing in – and give it a try. You might even want to start blogging your entries!

Have a great week,



7 thoughts on “Could journaling be for you?

  1. Hi Louise, I love the idea of journaling, meditation and relaxation, however, I feel like they really just slow me down in pursuit of my goals. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hi Paul,
      Sorry for the delay in replying but I wanted to consider the interesting point(s) you raise here thoroughly before posting my comments:
      It’s interesting that you mention journaling in a group with meditation and relaxation. For me, meditation has nothing to do with goal-setting but is rather something I do (not so often due to time constraints, unfortunately!) to relieve stress and to feel better in my skin. It’s important to find time to relax in whatever way you can when you’re running your own business – for you that might be sport with the family, for me it can be writing randomly in my journal, hence the inspiration for the blog post.
      I see journaling as having many benefits. If your goals are already clear, you won’t need to use it for that purpose. Indeed, you don’t want too many ideas running round in your head about what you want for your future or as you rightly indicated, you will then get tied up in a knot and not accomplish anything.
      Have I understood your question right, that you would like some tips on “effective goal-setting” ?
      If so I will choose this as the theme for my next blog post on Saturday and hope to help,
      Have a great day,

      • Perhaps I shouldn’t have bundled the three of them together…..but they are three things I’d like to be doing more of but struggle with finding the time. I realize they’re all an investment in my long-term success, just need to strengthen my discipline to get them done. I think effective goal setting would definitely be a worthy post. Thanks!

  2. Dear Louise,
    I have never thought of jounaling the way you describe it. I Think it is worth a try because most of the time I start my day with a positive feeling but can’t keep it during the day. Maybe writing down positve thoughts would help when I fall back to this ‘unconscous’ routine of not thinking about my positive feelings and thoughts in the morning. Thanks for this advice! Love, Karin

    • Dear Karin,
      Thanks for your feedback and the best of luck with journaling in this way. It can be very helpful. For example, Esther Hicks recommends “a book of positive thoughts” that you add to as you go along and if you just want something to dip into as a “pick me up” every day. Maybe you can start a book like this.
      Love and best wishes,

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