The self-less start-up

I would never recommend starting a business or new project when your sole motivation is just to make money. This might work at first, but if you want to sustain a successful business and keep enjoying what you do, you need to approach things from a different angle.

Establish and run your business from the perspective of wanting to help.

Wanting to be of service in some way, ‘giving something back’ or wanting to share knowledge that you have – these desires need to be at the heart of your enterprise. The wish to serve should be the true source of your motivation when planning a start-up.

So don’t start with the money in mind, even if that’s the way you were brought up to think and you think that in today’s world this is the only way to measure your success. It’s time to change your perspective.

If you’re providing a service like plumbing or building you need to be focused on helping and serving others first. If you’re selling wonderful cakes and pastries which bring smiles to people’s faces (and tummies!) let that be what drives you. Approach customer service from this angle. Hang these principles on your banner. Reflect them in your mission statement. Tell your clients and your employees that’s what you stand for.

If this still seems far-fetched, think about the sales process. All the good sales books tell us: If we focus on selling the customer a better experience or a better lifestyle as a result of using our products or services we will be more convincing. We will get the sale. People respond to this mindset.

It is my belief that if you truly love what you are doing, the money will follow. Profit will be your applause. Sometimes through unexpected sources. .Yes, we all need money to live on. Yes, we all want our businesses to turn a profit – but in my experience, real joy and success in running your own business come when money is not your first and foremost priority.

Over to you: Do you agree? What motivates you? I would love to hear your ideas.

Have an inspired week,



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