The feel-good factor for entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur has tasks to do that they don’t like and especially at the very beginning of a new business venture, you might not have the right suppliers or an assistant in place yet to take the pressure off.

It’s essential that you don’t let something that bugs you get you down as it will start to block your creativity. As entrepreneurs we need to prioritise being happy and limit the stuff that annoys us as far as possible.

Here’s what I recommend:

I find it easier to handle mundane, but no less essential back-office tasks like bookkeeping, if you set yourself a fixed time of the week in which to do this and then plan a reward for yourself afterwards. Friday afternoons are good times to set aside for such jobs – the weekend beckons and there is a general feeling of optimism in the air – this should give you some momentum. Afterwards make sure you have something to look forward to, maybe meeting friends or a trip to the cinema.

However, some tasks do have to be done in the week – making cold calls, for example. This is a task that I least look forward to but I’ve come to realize that it’s important to use every avenue to promote your business. We can’t just rely on internet advertising and referrals to bring in new clients. So how I tackle this is by rewarding myself at the end. I concentrate on researching and making these sales calls for 2-3 hours and then I go and get myself a tall vanilla latte (!). Simple but keeps me happy. I’ve also found this “goal” puts me in a more positive frame of mind when I make the calls, leading to many pleasant conversations and more “hits”.

So, a set time and the prospect of a reward will motivate you to do less enjoyable tasks and you will enjoy a feeling of accomplishment at the end. And your industriousness WILL be rewarded: the more your business progresses, the more you will be able to delegate or outsource certain tasks in future. That’s the ultimate reward!

Now I’d love to hear from you: What tasks bug you and how do you motivate yourself to do them?

Have an inspired week,



2 thoughts on “The feel-good factor for entrepreneurs

  1. Sounds really familiar. In the early days of a business you’re often trying to be a doer of everything and a creative thinker all at the same time. Personally I agree that setting aside a block of time to work hard on the mundane stuff and clear some of it can help, and rewards at the end can be as simple as being able to get back to the bits of the business I enjoy.

    • Hi John! Thanks a lot for your very valid comments. Yes, it is sometimes (still) a real juggling act between doing what needs to be done and making time to be creative. Occasionally I have to schedule a whole day for filing and other administrative duties – usually a Saturday. On the creative front I have found a complete change of venue to help, or if that’s not possible, completely changing the look of the conference room before a brain-storming session is also good. We once took out all the furniture and “meta-planned” on the walls 🙂
      Enjoy your Sunday! Best wishes Louise

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