The most important invention?

“There are many useful inventions/machines/things which can help you reach your entrepreneurial goals but love is the most powerful tool of all so make sure you use it” Louise Loxton

 I was reading an interview with a business leader in a corporate magazine recently – one of those articles which concludes with the interviewee having to finish sentences in their own words .

In answer to the statement “I think the most important invention ever was …”, the lady concerned said “The Internet”.

I wasn’t convinced by her answer – considering all the medicines and medical procedures that have helped save millions of lives over the past decades.

So I thought: What would be MY answer? – And the first word that came into my head was ‘love’.

But is love an invention? Certainly we have to create it, nurture it, spread it, promote it. Love is something we can give to others to improve the quality of their lives – so therefore it could be categorized so.

Love is the most powerful tool of all. If you love what you’re doing, if you love your customers and your suppliers, if you love life – you WILL succeed.

Over to you: What do you think? What’s the most useful invention or tool you have come across to help you in your work?

Have a joyful week,



2 thoughts on “The most important invention?

  1. Dear Louise,
    I agree love is not an invention. It’s the only reason why we are here for. That’s why whatever we do and whereever we are we should always remember this. When we choose love instead of fear we never can go wrong and the flow of life will lead us.It is a happy life, then. Thanks for giving this some thought. Love, Karin

    • Thanks for your comments Karin. Yes, it’s essential to trust the flow of life. And not always easy in the stress of existence. So choosing Love really is the best policy to stay connected to our wiser selves. Hope you have a happy, positive week. Love, Louise

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